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jueves, 18 de mayo de 2023

We start out recommendations section with 4 new tracks (including tour, albums and merch announcements) and a flashback from more than 15 years ago:

Bogus Operandi - The Hives
It's been more than 10 years but The Hives have came back with an amazing first single. Bogus Operandi start all the promotion machinery of their upcoming album The Death of Patrick Fitzsimmons (Aug 11th) and an Europe and US tour (the latter with The Arctic Monkeys). There are already footage of super intimate shows in the US and they are pure fire. The clip of the track is amazing and even better if you're fan of The Evil Dead's universe. Ideal for smashing that replay button.

Videogames - Tenacious D
Videogames lasts just over a minute but manages to pack as many references as it can, both in lyrics and in its video clip. God of War, Team Fortress 2, Fall Out and a priority space for Red Dead Redemption 2 (<3) are some of the numerous ones that can be spotted. The references to Mario Bros could not be missing, which serve as a reminder of the great theme that Peaches was.

Morfología de Espacios Vacíos / Los Pétalos de tu Rostro están Floreciendo - Chinese Park
With winter approaching, two new songs by the Peruvian band Chinese Park appeared. And the sound they achieve continues to add to the desire to be able to hear them live again. There's new merch which will make possible a physical edition of the single, which counts with the amazing art of Jolos Carsé. Grab yours before it solds out.

Pocket - feeble little horse
It's always nice to find something new from feeble little horse. Pocket is the result of many iterations in their recording, with which they decided to take a good time at home until they achieved all the chaos that we can now listen to at full volume. Their album Girl with Fish has been announced for June 9 with a US tour scheduled during the summer.

We've Got A Big Mess On Our Hands - The Academy Is...
The only track of the lot that is definitely not recent, but somehow I found it again and re-engaged with after 16 years. The Academy Is... will start this year's dates in UK and will also be part of the Fall Out Boy 2023 tour's first date. I hope those dates give us more live footage of this track, they are much needed.

We'll be back soon with more recs. Volvemos pronto con más recomendaciones. Meanwhile we have the station running 24/7 and new shows on the way. Thanks for checking this out!

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