Slow Crush
Leverage Models
Youth Pallet
Shana Falana
Entes Anómicos

Entes Anómicos 004

martes, 22 de febrero de 2022

A great selection containing indie, underground, hardcore and punk, thanks to Carlos Palacios.

Check the replay here:


  • Marriages - "The liar"
  • Marriages - "Salome"
  • Slow Crush - "Swivel"
  • Slow Crush - "Hush"
  • Leverage Models - "Senators"
  • Leverage Models - "A life around terrifed animals"
  • Ezrat - "Distortions"
  • Ezrat - "Visions"
  • Youth Pallet - "Let loose"
  • Youth Pallet - "Carpal tunnel"
  • Shana Falana - "Yeah yeah"
  • Shana Falana - "In the light"

For more information about Entes Anómicos, you can check his site or follow him on Instagram as @entesanomicos.

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