Mega Banton
Mr. Pepper
Frisko Kid
Lady G
Entes Anómicos

Entes Anómicos 005

martes, 8 de marzo de 2022

The first part of Entes Anomicos' dancehall special is here!

Check the replay:


  • Mega Banton - "Hard fi do (ultimate rock riddim)
  • Mega Banton - "First position"
  • Seed - "Ding"
  • Seed - "Dickes b"
  • Mr. Pepper - "Talk"
  • Mr. Pepper - "Gangsta guerrilla"
  • Frisko Kid - "The right man"
  • Frisko Kid - "Little and cute"
  • Tifa - "Kitty police"
  • Tifa - "Sah stop shine - move ur body
  • Lady G - "Breeze off"
  • Lady G - "Man a bad man"
  • Spice - "Fight over man"
  • Spice - "Send it up"

For more information about Entes Anómicos, you can check his site or follow him on Instagram as @entesanomicos.

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