Butcher the bar
World without sundays
Badly draw boy
Die Zärtlichkeit
Dark furs
Entes Anómicos

Entes Anómicos 007

martes, 5 de abril de 2022

The first part of an indie rock and indie pop special thanks to Carlos Palacios.

Listen to the replay here:


  • Butcher the bar - "Toulouse"
  • Butcher the Bar - "Go"
  • Colleagues - "Feelings"
  • Colleagues - "Like i see the ligths"
  • Dazy - "Passing ways"
  • Dazy - "See the bottom"
  • World without sundays - "Everything we never meant to say"
  • World without sundays - "Put it together"
  • Badly draw boy - "Silent sigh"
  • Badly draw boy - "A peak you reach"
  • Die Zärtlichkeit - "Hinten diesen wänden"
  • Die Zärtlichkeit - "Chaos"
  • Dark furs - "Sarah"
  • Dark furs - "French love"

For more information about Entes Anómicos, you can check his site or follow him on Instagram as @entesanomicos.

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