Entes Anómicos

Hi! I'm Carlos Palacios and I run Entes Anómicos since 1996, which started as a zine and then turned into a distro and label.

Mi experience with radio started in the middle of 2002, where I had the opportunity to co-host the show “Hecho en Perú” on Radio Canto Grande. The show run 2 hours twice a week.

When I came to Germany I continued doing radio as a bi-weekly podcast, which reduced to once a month due to time issues and then entered a complete hiatus. I was sporadically participating on other online radio shows until a year ago aproximately, when I started a radioshow for Punkrockers Radio, a german station with more than 20 years on air.

Also a couple of months ago I'm on Buquetrece Radio and I bring you with pleasure a playlist every two weeks, made with a lot of enthusiasm and heart!

You can listen Entes Anómicos every two Tuesdays on our station. Learn more at entesanomicos.com


About Buquetrece

We're looking for new music all the time and we want to share it.We have a 24/7 radio station, low bandwidth and too many speakers.

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